Assignment 1: Detecting Gas Leakage and Prayer Switch

Gas Leakage Detector:

This interactive media project utilizes an arduino and sensors to detect oil or gas leakage. This project is interesting because it not only saves natural gas but helps to prevent major disasters that could happen such as house or office fires. This project also send the user a SMS alert if a leak is detected. The project can be found here.

Prayer Switch:

This switch utilizes the kneeling in prayers to light an LED light. Copper tape is stuck to the person’s kneecaps and a wire connect between both copper tapes on each knee. The LED is connected to the resistor, with the positive terminal (the longer pin) connected to the positive terminal of the battery or the Breadboard (which is in turn connected to┬áthe 5V output of the Red Board). Another section is connected to the negative terminal of the battery or the Ground connection of the breadboard; both ends are also connected to aluminum foil ends. When the person kneels, with one knee coming into contact with the aluminum, the circuit is completed and the LED is lit. (See sketch below)


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