Assignment One : Sample IM Project + Attempt at making a tie switch

Sword Art Online – The Beginning (VR project initiated by IBM)

Alpha Test Review

Virtual Reality in the sphere of entertainment is a concept that is becomingly increasingly popular. This project, led by IBM Japan, aims to create a VRMMO(Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online) game based off a popular Japanese anime series titled Sword Art Online. The series features a group of characters who use what is referred to as “full dive virtual reality” to play a particular game, and IBM aims to re-create the same concept in real life with the use of virtual reality helmets, cognitive recognition and cloud computing.

AttemptĀ at making a switch using a tie.

I tried to make a switch using the knot of a tie. For the most part it does work, but it often fails to light up the LED, and I think I have an understanding of why that’s the case.

As you might(or, might not) notice, I’ve used a bunch of random objects I found around my suite to make the connections and build the circuit, which may have resulted in the following factors that hinders the functionality of the circuit.

1) Poor connections
2)Weak Conductors
3)Hindrance to flow of electricity caused by usage of blu-tack

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