Assignment due Monday October 9

For this assignment, we had to create a whimsical project – essentially a project that does not have to engage critically but be amusing, pleasant, etc. My project was a counter intuitive machine that, when turned on, turns itself off. When plugged into a power source, the motors on the wheels automatically start moving and drive the vehicle far enough so that it eventually unplugs itself from the power source and turns off. 

This did not require a program or code since the DC motors used on the wheels just need to be connected to power and ground and do not need to be controlled to start working. 

Unfortunately, the DC motors do not have enough strength to power the vehicle when placed on the floor or a table and are extremely slow – even stop sometimes – because of the torque/resistance on the wheels. This project would need to be remade with two continuous rotation servos, which are stronger motors, or with DC motors that have gear. 


Below is a schematic: 


Below is a picture of the device: 


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