Assignment due October 9th, 2017-Whimsical circuit

For this project, I decided to create a rat trap out of scratch. I was very inspired by the ideas of design and craft that we have been discussing, so I decided to do a somewhat elaborate looking trap. I chose to do this because I wanted to make a little monster who would swallow coins, but after four hours of work, I realized that the motors we had would never work for this kind of project. I researched what good uses 9V motors have, and the idea of a trap came along. 


Creating a little object that would sit on the motor that would pull the string was kind of complicated, although it’s a super simple solution. Also, I realized late into the night that this program was supposed to demonstrate our skills in programming. When I asked last class if we had to use Arduino, I was implying, do we have to use programming? However, since I was not clear enough, I decided to try to make circuits we haven’t really done in this class, which involve a lot of soldering and knowing how things connect without the use of a breadboard. My circuit now contains a battery, a 9V motor, a resistor, an on and off switch (a suggestion from last time), and other components that help these cardboard flaps close on each other.


I would definitely try to paint it and find another way to secure things that isn’t hot glue. I would also add some programming element that fits. 

Attached is a video of it working. At this time, the battery was kind of low on charge so the trap wasn’t fully closing, but it does fully close!! 

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