Assignment Due November 22: What is computing to me?

The meaning of computing has significantly changed for me over the last seven years of my life. A lot of the people that know me are surprised when they ask me when was my first time coding and I tell them I hadn’t even known how to send an email until I was about ten maybe even eleven years old. They are shocked because of my apparent passion for computer science and computing in general. They expect me to have started from much younger, to be coding at maybe 7 or 8 but that is not so. A simple act such as sending an email truly opened my eyes to a new world a world that I have not been able to separate myself from since. Computing is more than the nerdy aspects that is normally portrayed in the media. 

I got involved because my first laptop would always contract viruses and it intrigued me as to how they were made so I started creating my own at the age of 13. Computing has become my go to form of relaxation and work and I have grown from my years if destruction to a man of creation. Computing includes coding which for me involves the ability to invent and see your idea and invention come to life. You transform something so static and plain such as a few lines of text into something moving, responsive and interactive. I love to learn more and more about computers. Computing is a field that is filled with so much knowledge, knowledge that I can never consume too much of. I never feel bored when I am learning, I always feel like there is something more for me to learn and something to create. 

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