Homework due Wednesday November 22

Although I have always been interested in technology, I had never been interested in computing or anything related to the theoretical side of technology. In all honesty, I thought that computing was a boring activity that just consisted in writing code or doing computer-related things. Furthermore, computing is defined as “the use of a computer to process data or perform calculations,” which does not sound particularly amusing or creative, thus I never.contemplated the creative side of coding.

Then, when I started taking this class, I understood that computing is much more than the definition given by different dictionaries. I understood that computing is also a creative process that we can use to manipulate or create different programs or digital art, which is something that I have found extremely important at this point in my life. When this semester started, I was very unhappy with my classes because I felt like I was not getting the chance to create or using the things that I was learning to actually create something. For that reason, as of right now, I see computing as a creative outlet. 


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