Assignment due Wednesday November 22

Computing is the process of writing or building algorithms and systems of communication with computers and consists of designing, developing, and building hardware and software. Specifically, in this class, computing has been used towards crafting media and communicating information through different modes of interaction.  


Computing and coding have definitely increased my understanding of the world – or rather, ability to make sense of it. In the most obvious sense, it has helped gained the introductory knowledge of speaking to and communicating with computers. This not only increased my practical skills, but it allows me to become the maker of certain experiences instead of only the receiver of them. In a generation where technology is progressing so rapidly and has become a staple in most inter- and intra- personal communication, being able to understand, manipulate, create, and design programs and physical systems is no longer a niche or specialized field. This knowledge and these skills are applicable and relevant to every other disciple – personally, I have already used them in the scope of theater, philosophy, mathematics, and my daily life. Computing has widely expanded my ideas of creativity, logical analysis, and practical knowledge of electronics and design.  

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