Homework due Wednesday 23rd

Computing has become an activity that is expanding and challenging my ideas of creativity. I have the ability of being creative through writing or performance, but this is quite different. Understanding how I could come up with a beautiful graphic through something like coding or circuit making is so interesting. It’s also very difficult. Coding does not come naturally to me, and it is a very time consuming experience. However, having studied theater for almost four years, it’s so fun to delve into something so unknown.


I am unsure if computing is making me a better person, considering what I understand as “better person.” It definitely is expanding my horizons and making me think outside the box. I am getting out of it the ability to create art through something I never thought I’d use. I hope that I can eventually create experiences that are both technological and performance based, where people can interact and get something out of the technology use. I’m excited to see how much more these classes can challenge me, and I really want to bridge the possible gap between the art that I am used to and love, along with these tools I have acquired.

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