Homework November 22

(I apologize for the late submission, I forgot that I saved it as a draft and never posted it)

Write on this blog two paragraphs about what computing means to you at this point. Is it adding something to your life? Is it helping you become a better person? What are you getting out of it, and what do others get from it? Use the word “computing” as broadly or narrowly as you wish.

I think a lot of people take modern technologies for granted and use them without ever wondering how things work and without knowing about the range of possibilities that a computer provides. I used to think that computing is pure math and, therefore, something I will never be able to comprehend. Little did I know that it actually opens up so many opportunities for creative expression.

Coding always seemed like a foreign language that is impossible for me to learn. However, this class challenges all those misconceptions I had before. Just like learning another language, computing helps one think outside of the box. It helps structure thoughts in a logical way, and your thinking process becomes an algorithm and it improves your decision making. Computer forces you to think through every step, analyze mistakes and find new creative ways to achieve whatever goal you have.


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