29/11/17 Final Project Concept

For my final project, I have been playing around with the idea of making a remote, cuboid controller for a game and/or musical instrument. I want to have the controller completely remote, and robust enough that it could be thrown across a room. In order to create an input with this controller, I am considering laying pressure sensors inside the cube, and the added a rubber ball. When the box is shaken, the ball hits the pressure pads and creates an input. I am wary that the ball idea might be too dynamic to create a response that the user can intuitively control. This would be the first problem I would need to solve. I would also like to have a greater implication for this project — I want the user to have an ‘aha’ moment whilst interacting with the device. This could be created with the output that the controller elicits, which I still have to come up with. 

During today’s lesson where we are learning about brightness tracking, I had the idea to try fill the box with LEDs and incorporate brightness tracking into creating a response. Alternatively, I could do colour tracking.

In terms of equipment, I know for certain I will need an XBEE shield or bluetooth shield, and transparent acrylic.





































































































































































































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