Final Project Proposal

For the final project, I wish to make a sort of arcade game using the Python for Processing, and Arduino for the controls. The game is based off a portion of a satirical article on The Gazelle.
I’ve written a short description of the game which is as follows :

Lack of shawarma to satiate hungry souls. Lack of automation in the “automatic doors”. Lack of direction on the signboards. Excessive flies in and around campus. Excessive KFC every night. Excessive innovation from the world’s smartest minds in one place. All these and more have prompted the students of New York University to seek out new terrain to assert their intellectual dominance. But, being global citizens is no longer enough. It’s time to go universal, and build the first ever Inter-Galactic Network University(IGNU). And, so began the saga to sail through uncharted waters and conquer terrain that no cosmopolitan global leader has ever stepped on – the moon.
Your quest is to explore the moon and find out if the moon is suitable terrain for the newest extension of NYU – tentatively named Moon York University.
Good luck young adventurer, may the power of hummus be with you. 

The tentative list of hardware I have in mind is :

  1. 4 momentary switches
  2. 1 joystick
  3. Laser cut box made of acryllic
  4. A large screen/ monitor to display the game

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