Final Project Proposal

This project is a collaboration between Diego and I. After a short discussion we realized our projects had a lot in common and collaborating would not only make it more complex, but also more interesting as a final project for the both of us. 

The main idea is to have a SpaceShip that would be controlled by the user. This spaceship would essentially be a robot which would move around in a Play Area of sorts. It would interact with this play area and follow a certain storyline that we come up with. The storyline, of course is space based. The SpaceShip would be controlled using a webcam and some hand gestures which we would read via a webcam. 

Here’s a diagram that outlines the idea in brief, followed by a list of the individual components and potential items needed.



2 Laptops. 1 runs the spaceship, the other runs the play area – refer diagram above.

SpaceShip – Move around and interacts with the play area.

Runs on Arduino code if processing cannot connect to XBee

Items – 1 Arduino, Acrylic sheets, 2 Motors, Motor Shield, 2 Wheels – choose the right ones, XBee shield on it for reception of commands

Play Area (space) Contains sensors that detect the presence of spaceship

Items – 1 Very large cardboard piece, 1 Arduino, Sensors (depending on number of bases), Black paint/cloth

Human Interaction Controls the movement of spaceship

Items – WebCam?

StoryLine Gives a purpose to the movement of spaceship in the play area and makes it more interactive


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