December 4: Final Project Proposal

First of all, I don’t know whether I’ll stick to this idea or not because I am starting to doubt it.

When I was brainstorming ideas for our space theme, I thought about aurora borealis (also known as northern lights) which is a natural light display in the sky found in Arctic and Antarctic regions. It has always been a dream of mine to see one. I was inspired by this acryl + neopixels crown project that James showed on his neopixels workshop, and it made me think about how light from the colorful LEDs could disperse through transparent acrylic parts that would copy the wavy shape of aurora.

So far my idea is more of an art installation, not an interactive project, that is why I am having second thoughts. If I can’t figure out how a user can control neopixels in any way, I want to do something else instead.

Parts needed:
– transparent acrylic sheets for laser cutting
– additional 5v power supply
– neopixel strip

To learn:
– figure out how to initiate communication between arduino with neopixels and processing to control colors, their sequences or brightness
– there is a certain color change sequence that I have in mind, and I haven’t managed to code it yet

Most difficult parts:
– assembling the installation
– involving processing or any other user interaction
– color coding

(A very bad schematic)

(My sketches, which have 20 pixels, but I want to do more, maybe 30 (that’s why I need an external power supply))


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