Final Project Brainstorm

Project description: 

Watching a lot of sci-fi movies this semester, I always wondered what it would be like to live in Space away from your family and friends. In movies, they either portray people in space to be longing for their family, or to identify their home to be space, far from Earth. When we were given the theme “space” I interpreted it as either the physical dimension or the location, as we know it. Whether you enjoy being in Space or not, there is an unavoidable feeling of isolation since your connection with everyone you know is cut. You are stranded in an unknown world. Therefore, I wanted to recreate this feeling with my project. 

In order to create a feeling of isolation, I plan to make audiences go on a journey on their own with their imaginations and their voice. I want to create a space where it feels like its separated with everyone without “physical separation” (for example, creating a box for only one person to be in).


  • Wave shield for Arduino 
  • Microphone Amplifier breakout 
  • Headphones 
  • 10K potentiometer 
  • DC Jack (?)
  • Amplified Microphone 
  • IC (?) 
  • Pin Headers 
  • U volume dial 
  • OX jack 
  • resistors 
  • reset button 
  • Ultralectic (?) capacitors 
  • SD card reader (maybe) 

Picture: The hole is going to be just big enough for the mouth so that people could talk into the “speaker”. I want to make it opaque so that I could possible add some lightings inside as a decoration. 

Thing I need to learn: 

  • Wave shield 
  • Adavoice sketch for Arduino 
  • How to make the sound come out through headphones instead of from speakers 
  • Two sounds (one for background, the other for the voice) – maybe I could use noise cancelling headphones 
  • Battery powered? or computer? 

The most difficult: 

  • Modifying voices – not only want to change the pitch/tone but also the type 
  • Coding 
  • Building in the controller – making it with wires 



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