Assignment 1: Coca Cola Ad and Window Blind Switch

  1. This is a Coca Cola advertisement that was installed all around the States in order to promote coke zero. Working with the phone app Shazam (an app that helps people to find music), Coca cola created an interactive board, which allows people to shazam the music of the ad, which allows them to either virtually sip on the coke on the interactive ad board or to pour the coke inside a virtual glass displayed on the phone.


2. My creative switch is called a Window Blind switch. It is a switch that is useful specifically during daytime. It is designed so that when the blinds go down, the lamp (LED light) would switch on, brighting up the room and when the blinds go up, the light will switch off as you would have the natural sunlight brightening the room.

Here is a quick sketch of what it would look like.


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