Assignment 1: LED Sheepherding and Lollipop Switch

For starters, below is the video link example of an IM project.

Now, I’m going to explain how to build the switchboard I visualized, and I will upload some hand drawn plans below as well.

  1. Take a box and glue two sticks to the opposite sides of one another, sticking straight up.
  2. Cut off a tip of a straw and poke two holes into it.  One should be towards the front and another in the middle. The holes should run in opposite directions.
  3. Run the larger hole through a third stick and glue this stick to the 2 upright ones.
  4. Attach a fourth stick to the side of the straw that does not have the second hole, making sure it is long enough so that the tip will reach the outside of the box when the swinging hinge(the straw) is pushed back. Attach aluminum foil to the bottom of the stick
  5. Put a lollipop in the second hole and tape the bottom of the lollipop’s stick to the fourth stick.
  6. Build a circuit but use two wires instead of one connecting wire between the bread board and the Arduino.
  7. Tape the two wires to the box o that when the lollipop is licked, it moves the aluminum foil forwards, connecting the two tips of the wire.



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