Computing [due Nov 22]

What Computing Means to Me!

I perceive computing in two broad senses. The first is to think of computing as a tool that enhances the creativity or the power of our mind by the use of a machine. This could mean performing complex calculations or doing some advanced data analysis. The other way is to think of computing is a way of thinking and doing. It might need translation of a real world problem into something that can be worked on and solved (which would use computing in the first sense). However, regardless of how I consider, I strongly believe that computing is making my life easier, and as a result, better. I also believe that this effect that computing has is not restricted to individuals, but to communities and larger bodies as well.
In the state that the world is today, there is hardly anywhere we can go that has not been touched by the magic of technology. Computing sees itself in every corner of the world. The idea is that computes are essentially dumb, meaning they cannot analyse and understand what to do. They perform tasks as we command. This would see us having a very close connection with computing, considering that all the work is assigned by us, but in a way that the machine can understand and perform accordingly. The added advantages are obvious – they can perform tasks faster that our minds can process. Another observation is how we do not realize the complexity of a simple task we assign to the computer – how it essentially breaks everything down to a few signals and acts accordingly. I think there is a certain sense of beauty in it. Computing obviously means a lot me, and I believe that in the future, the possibilities we create with this magical tool are endless.

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