Homework due Wednesday November 22: What computing means to me at this point

I used to think that computing is something technical and daunting to learn. Now, computing is still quite daunting to me, but empowering at the same time because now I can use it as a tool to create something, and to be creative. Since I became more acquainted with computing, I realize that when you put two disparate aspects or disciplines together and make them work in tandem, you get something absolutely fascinating. For example, art and computing make computer art, or the intangible code and the tangible Arduino change the way I see LEDs forever. This is how computing has greatly changed my thought process. I have started to delve into the intersection between various disciplines, which has changed the way I approach problems and fueled my interest in problems I am dealing with.

I still remember how excited I was when I succeeded in making the LED respond to the amount of light coming into the photoresistor. The delight I felt at that moment, I believe, applies to anyone who first has the opportunity to tinker with computing. Yet unfortunately, many people believe that computing is dry and difficult, like I used to believe, so they do not want to play with it. However, making computing seem entertaining is what interactive media can do, and this is also what we have learned throughout the semester, so I really want to bring the delight of learning about computing into my projects so that others can also experience the fun of playing with it. We all want to make others happy, and I hope I will be good at making people happy in this way.

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