November 22, 2017 – Claire Neel

To me, the word computing holds many different meanings at this point in my life. My day to day usage commonly refers to programming in my computer or into an Arduino or some other device. On a more philosophical level, I can recognize that I’m computing when I look at problems and see the repetition and idiosyncrasies that are involved in their proper execution. When I’m watching a football match, I see that as the ball is passed from one player to the next, patterns develop and there is an order of reception that yields the most successful play. To me, computing is a mainly a mindset nowadays. If you organize your life into steps that build off of one another, your actions can become more meaningful. When ordered in such a way, even the most mundane task can gain more importance because you are more aware of how greater things are contingent upon those first few steps.


No matter how you look at it, the natural world is filled with math. Learning to recognize that math in your everyday life is important, and can help you better navigate the world around you. Computing helps you to find the mathematical issues and use tools(mainly computers) in order to best hijack those natural equations to best serve yourself. Utilizing the logic that computing brings forward has helped me to simplify problems that I didn’t understand before. While I still don’t understand several of the formulas that I’ve programmed recently, I understand the logic behind them. I think computing helps to simplify complex issues as well as helps me to recognize the math I don’t notice in my day to day life.

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