Assignment due Monday December 4

I’m not yet sure exactly what my final project to be – I’ve narrowed it down to some specific components but haven’t finalized what the user experience will be like. In any case, I have two ideas that are a bit different but require similar interactions, sensors, etc.

One idea I have is to make a seating area in the shape of a circle around some sort of fire made from LEDs or neopixels or a projection. There will be LDRs on the chairs that act as switches and the more people that sit in the circle, the more intense the fire will be. The idea is that it’s supposed to bring people together and create an experience that gets better the more people interact with it. The second idea is to use pressure sensors on mats and have them placed around the floor/wall and the level of and the number of sensors activate certain visuals/sounds.

A sketch of these projects can be seen below: 

I would need a projector for my project and pressure sensors of different sizes (if they’re available). I would also need to learn how to control pressure sensors on Arduino and processing. I would also need more help with neopixels (if I choose to use those for the fire).

The three most difficult parts of my project would be:

1 – Making the type interaction intuitive for the user

2 – Coding and mapping the pressure sensors

3 – Making the physical fire and chairs

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