Dec. 4th

Description: I am planning to make a lamp that reacts to sounds such as human voices and music. I will have a speaker next to the lamp and when the audience turns on music that they want to listen to, the lamp would be showing various colors.


I would like to use Arduino Nano, if possible, to make the board as small as possible that it can fit within the lamp. For the lights I will be using RGB LED Strip to show different color arrays.


Things I need:

  • Arduino Nano
  • Breakout Board for Microphone
  • RGB LED Strip
  • PVC Pipe for the inner layer of the lamp
  • Cover for the lamp
  • Battery Power/ Usb power?


Things I need to learn:

  • How to code in order for the lamp to detect different sound range area
  • Learn to use RGB LED Strip
  • Learn to use Arduino Nano


Technical Difficulties

–     Coding

–     Fitting the lamp inside a lamp cover


Schematics and Design Sketch: 

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